7 Made in Canada Pet Products

When you invest in Canadian pet products, you breathe easier spending money on high-quality products that are safe and healthy for your cuddly friend - made right at home.

At Collection 1867 , we value the importance of sharing only the best Canadian-made products with our followers and friends. Check out our latest Made in Canada video that highlights the benefits of supporting Made in Canada.


Although Collection 1867 is founded upon the premise of addressing a singular problem of the limited availability of stylish Canadian products, we are so much more than a simple fashion brand. It’s important to us to share the incredible companies that Canada has in store, across a variety of industries. In this week’s blog we will be featuring Made in Canada pet products.

1. Darling Dear Co.

Darling Dear Co. | Made in Canada Pet Products

Darling Dear Co. is an inspiring mother-daughter combo operating out of Edmonton. They make accessories for dogs and cats, particularly the cutest little bowties you will ever see. All of their products are handmade in Edmonton using sustainable materials, such as cotton fabric and vegan leather.

Need to dress your dog up for a wedding? Just want your cat to be stylin’? Check out Darling Dear Co.!

Prices start at $36.

2. Granville Island Pet Treatery

Granville Island Pet Treatery | Made in Canada Pet Products

Traveling over to the beautiful province of BC, you’ll find Granville Island Pet Treatery. Not only will its packaging provide a laugh for owners (just look at the adorable photos above) but the organic treats will provide enough nutrients that you won’t feel bad giving him another one! This family-owned proudly Canadian company also believes in philanthropy, donating 1% of all pet treat sales to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Surely a brand you can feel good about!

Prices start at $9.99.

3. RC Pets

RC Pets | Made in Canada Pet Products

While a healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen, it’s just as important to obtain daily exercise to help your dog and cats live their best life. Experts suggest the wrong collar and leash could cause serious injury. Here comes RC collars and leashes: a ‘soft, strong and durable that come in tons of different colors. The products are not only widely trusted by Canadians, but stylish, too. After all, doesn’t our fluffy (or maybe not so fluffy) friends want to be a trendsetter?

Prices start at $12

4. Nutrience

Nutrience | Made in Canada Pet Products

Nutrience has been a major contender on the Canadian dog and cat food market since 1955 - and its recipes have been passed on between generations of pet owners. For healthy, active pets, Nutrience is often recommended with its quality ingredients that source only the top products from coast to coast. The products are even produced in human-grade facilities, because the brand believes that pets should only be given the best. Test out its new ‘Sub Zero’ dog food that combines high protein kibble and freeze-dried raw ingredients!

Prices start at $23.99 for food and $3.99 for treats.

5. Petcurean

Petcurean | Made in Canada Pet Products

When you first take your new dog or cat home, Petcurean is a brand that you’ll likely hear mentioned among animal lovers and veterinarians alike. The brand calls its use of premium-quality ingredients ‘The Petcurean Difference,’ and its loyal following has been feeding the brand to dogs and cats since 1999. The company even has its own Senior Nutritionist, Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, on the team who helps formulate new products that provide the perfect balance of ingredients to help your dog live his best life.

Prices start at $26.99.

6. Dr. Maggie

Dr. Maggie | Made in Canada Pet Products

Veering away from only citing products of nutritional value, we recognize that it’s just as important to find those reliable brands that for our fluffy friends when they just aren’t feeling the best, either. Dr. Maggie is a well-recognized brand that Canadians have used since 1999 to help treat canine ailments with natural, nutritional and topical remedies. The brand offers healthy solutions for skin, coat, immune system, joints and so much more.

Prices start at $15.99.

7. Attitude

Attitude | Made in Canada Pet Products

We get it. They sniff, they lick, they chew and swallow everything. To ensure that your snuggle time is not impacted the wonderful team at Attitude have developed a pet care line that includes a range of natural pet products, from air purifiers for pets, to hypoallergenic pet shampoo, deodorant spray, and everything in between.

Prices start at $6.99

We hope that you found our list of Canadian pet products helpful and informative. Have you another Made in Canada brand that you just love? Be sure to share it with us in the comments below!